The Black Heart Of A Vulture

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Well its time to get this thing rolling!

I find writing this first post quite difficult as in my mind I have the limiting thought that whatever I write first will set the tone and style of the rest of this blog – Thats not a very good thought at all. I have had to try and put it aside for the time being as I may end up never getting this thing fucking started!

Anyway – Today has been what some people would call an absolutely stunning  day in Scotland … normally I wouldn’t agree with this synopsis as in the past I have definitely preferred weather of the wet and windy variety rather than the calm and sunny. However, it did feel strangely good to me today – so much so that I hauled my ass into some decent clothes! Over the last while I have been a proper fucking sweat panted and hoodied layabout but I put on a new pair of shirt and trousers – well they aren’t new – I actually bought them months ago in the hope that a change of apparel might effect a change in outlook – but I was that low in the doldrums I never even bothered putting them on! So with a pair of sparkling white trainers to match and a fresh skinned head and close shaved face I approached the world with something akin to optimism today.

You reap what you sow I am told … and almost no dark thoughts have entertained my mind as of yet … I feel quite um, um … SPRIGHTLY!

Well fuck me!

So I was in the communicative and charitable mood and did my Mother a good deed by driving her to pick up her new PINK glasses (which actually kind of suit her) and then through to a town close-by to pick up her next door neighbour from visiting her son. Maybe there was an ulterior motive in this last action. The neighbours extremely attractive daughter has just split up from her partner of 14 years and maybe I was trawling for some craic. I feel a bit shit about that as I know what an absolute nightmare the bloke is going through – I think it may send him over the edge – I know him too … from a time long ago when I inhabited this town in my past. Bit of a pillock to tell you the truth … nowhere near good enough for her. She is as fit as fuck and with the mind to go with it.


Even entertaining the very slightest thought that I could maybe shimmy my way into her is some kind of progress … the black hearted fucking vulture that I am.

Im the one who is a pillock.


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