Your mind wanders as you wait.

Thinking Boy

I did a good deed today – my mother has been banging on about getting something to wear to some wedding she has been invited to for ages now … so today, a bank holiday Monday, I told her to get her arse in gear and I’ll take her to Inverness to see if she could find something.

I regretted it not that long after as I had to sit in my fucking car in the unusually hot weather for at least 3/4 of an hour while she paraded around a very large Matalan store.

However as I sat there I found myself in a contemplative mood. I watched cars of couples arrive and enter the store then some time later the same couples would exit the store with bags , pack up their cars and leave. On the whole, they struck me as being a right bunch of miserable looking fuckers – generally out of shape with scowls on their faces. Down with love I thought! Fuck the feelings of security and validity it gives you!

Of-course any relationship that I have been in wouldn’t have struck any car bound malcontents in the same manner if we had strolled past. Oh No!. They would have thought – now that pair have got it right! And it would of sent them further down the downward spiral.


On the flip-side – I did see some rather attractive females on their own and it set me thinking about my own attractiveness to the opposite sex. I shouldn’t ponder such shite at this stage. I really shouldn’t.

So, yeah, I kind of felt glad to be separate of those relationship dynamics today.

Bittersweet though – 50% bitter & 50% sweet – there have been times when the balance has been dangerously weighted on the former.

But not today baby, not today!



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