My Memory of Trespass


So here I am.

In the town where I thought I had left forever and never wished to return to.

But here I am.

And an old movie has brought back an old memory.


Kerrie … you were the towns golden girl – the successful student with the incredible university beckoning and me, I was a borderline alcoholic always getting into some kind of shit and disillusioned with life after spending one short year in the civil service.

Our time together was doomed but somehow we couldn’t see that – well we couldn’t see that when we first watched this film being shown on TV. I remember that night – we were at your rich & religious parents house and you spilt hummus all over the carpet when you crawled along the floor to turn the volume up … I can remember everything in such minute detail … It is my curse.

You were my first love and I think I was yours … you considered not going to university to be with me though you saw sense and we stuck it out for the first year. But when you were about to return for the second year you told me it was over and that you were changing your address and you weren’t allowing me in your life anymore.

I thought “Shell be phoning me within the week” … “She’s not serious” … its been 15 years and that phone-call never came. I waited SO long for it though.

Im not bitter about it.

In fact I have nothing but respect – its probably the best decision you ever made.

And I could easily catch up with you – find out where you are and how you’re doing by just walking 500 yards from where I am sitting and knocking on your parents door.

But I wont.

Life is strange eh?


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