The first cut is the deepest.

Over the last year or so I have been getting increasingly dissatisfied with shaving with disposable razors – I think my “beard” has been getting stronger in some way and shaving it always seems to leave pain and discomfort and ultimately not even that close a shave.

So ages ago I decided I would get into old style shaving and ordered a razor – it’s a Heavy Duty Merkur and apparently it’s a classic. That remains to be seen but I must admit that I do like the feel of it eventhough I haven’t used it yet.

The thing beside it is a little device called a groom mate and it’s a manual nose & ear trimmer – fuck I hate nose hair when I see it in others – ewww! Awful. I’m nit saying that I have much – it’s barely noticeable to tell you the truth. But what I’ve got ain’t gonna be there anymore.

Oh, and the shaving brush? A “gift” from my mother – I say gift but the place where she works make them – you do the maths regarding how much that little beauty cost! It’s travel size and badger hair too. Neat.

If I manage to rip my face off I’ll post a pic!

I have a feeling that it may take some time to get used to! … Any tips would be gratefully accepted.


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