My Mother, The Silver Surfer


Imagine it! … Being embarrassed of your own Mother!

Why? … her iPad 2 arrived all the way from China yesterday evening. She has decided that she would like to get into the old computing world and as she is a bit of a Luddite I thought it would be better for her if she got an iPad rather than some Windows ran cack.

Far easier to use. I hope. Well it looks like I will be spending quite a few hours over the coming weeks showing her how to get the hang of emails, facetime, browsing, iTunes etc … What gets me is her, and people of that certain generation, attitude towards technology – ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SHIT SCARED of it. It seems that as soon as they encounter something even the slightest bit mysterious or different ( as lets face it – Facetime is like fucking witchcraft to my mother! )they just just clam up – “Oh! Its TOO complicated!” and then their mind just shuts down and Voila – ¬£399 on what will just become a photo viewer!

Im determined not to let that happen … I will make my mother a Silver Surfer no matter what!

I was dicking around on it after I set it up and WOW! – these things are just beyond good … almost orgasmic to use.

Im SO jealous!

I think if I did get one though my Macbook would become completely redundant very quickly … and I don’t want that since i’ve only just souped it up with more Ghz and GBs!


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