On Apologies I owe

Plinky asked me this …

Downward Spiral

Bit of a philosophical one … even bordering on New Age hippy bullshit – but yeah I need to give an apology and I deserve one too!

I need to apologise to myself.

I have over the course of the last year let myself down … I let myself get caught up in a downward spiral … a miasma of self defeatism and doubt – it overpowered me and its left me in a holy shitstorm of a mess.

But not now – the worm has turned – Onwards and Upwards and Away from now on baby!


Thats my thought on this anyway!

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2 comments on “On Apologies I owe

    • I made that apology to myself a long time ago … and since then I have done the same thing – If I was in a relationship with myself Id divorce. I am a serial hater of myself. Maybe its caught up with me in the nick of time. Thanks for the comment – its reminded me of this long buried apology.

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