Still Alive


Well at least that’s what they tell me.

Yeah, so it’s been a VERY tough old time for me of late … Exactly how many kicks in the bollocks can a body stand before it just ceases to function anymore.

I know one thing for sure – my only desire is to be able to look back and ponder on this period of my life and I hope to be able to see it objectively and in a positive light.

However I doubt that greatly … I have been reading and I have found some solace in the following extract from Charles Bukowski …

“tonight this room is smoky
and I am alone
listening to the silence.
I am tired of waiting on life,
it was so slow to arrive and so quick to leave
the streets and the cities are empty,
love is on the damned cross
and death laughs in the back room.
at the edge, the edge, the edge.”


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