Day 1 – Change

So heres the thing ok …

I have reached my absolute fucking limit due to this situation I have found myself in. For so long I have seen no way out but I have decided to make a huge change in my life.

Im cutting myself off. Im throwing in the towel. This is done for me … all done.


Im getting the fuck out of this horrid shithole … The United Kingdom can go fuck itself … its never been any good for me.

In less than 48 hrs I will leave Scotland and drive to the English coast with all my worldly belongings packed in my car.

I will then board a ferry and enter Europe … I have a faint promise of temporary accomodation in Geneva, Switzerland.

But no job.

And no language.

No real prospects of any kind – less than a grand in the bank.

No friends.

No family.

Im rolling the dice.

Yes I have regrets.

But only one … and they will understand why I am doing this.

Join me.


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