Day 6 – Bad Wiring and the Non Advancement

So another day and not that much more accomplished really … I didnt expect much though.

I spent a large amount of the time trying to sort out the problems of the computer set up that my landlord has … I kinda promised him that I could get it sorted out but its proving far more dificult than I first thought. One of the main problems I have is that the electric sockets ie 2 OF THEM have around a fucking hundred different appliances running of them … I wonder if he realises that he is going to invalidate his insurance with that kind of shite. The thing is the cables are running up,down,over and under everything else – its confusing working out what belongs to what. Ive found a solution to it all but it involves just pulling EVERYTHING out and starting from scratch.

Ho Hum.

Earlier this evening as I sat down for my dinner a visitor came – one of the landlords mates came round for a chat – from the gist of the conversation that I could pick up he seemed to be someone who does building work for him. In very broken franglish I found out that he is having a bit of a shit time at the moment – his wife has told him its over but they are still living in the same house with their two kids and on top of that they have to move out sause of rent soon.

Shitty life for a lot of people then.

Anyway, he advised me that I MUST start french lessons asap and its much better to remain a ‘frontalier’ ie someone who lives in France yet works in Switzerland – the wages are far better.

Apparently French wages are SHIT.

I felt kinda heartened by the chat – I felt a little less like the man on the moon – but then it reminded me of all the shit that I have to sort. – car??? work???? resident of uk or france??? bank account??? job???

Holy fucking shit! Yes I have cut myself off and stared again before … but never like this. Before if its been in a different country it has always been through english speaking contact. Not this.

What the fuck am I doing!


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