Day 7 – Language and Dreams of Japanese

So what went down with me today – well I suppose since it was a Saturday I felt a little bit better not being in work so to speak – not that I ever had weekends off in any job I have had in the past!

But there you go.

Anyway, I managed to get myself out of bed a little bit sharper today and just had a tangerine and a coffee for breakfast. Gotta watch the money eh! Fuck I will quickly lose some weight if I keep this up … hope so too as it might increase my self worth a little bit more – such a sad thing to admit to.

I got online and made some headway into choosing a French language course – it was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be – this Migros place had so many courses – but I took an online test and I came out midway through the A1 grade which I was reasonably happy I didnt come out graded as a complete beginner. I would have done better too but it was a written comprehension and sentence structure test – and Ive only really studied the spoken language – it makes a BIG difference in French! So the course I have chosen is two nights a week for about 4 months – its not much and only what they call semi-intensive – but its a start … but wait! my procrastination is still present as I havent quite gone ahead and booked it. Im justifying that to myself through the fact that its going to cost the equivalent of 380 quid! It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I have to go for a face to face test before I am accepted for the course. I think I will be hitting the old French studies very hard in the coming days …. oh yeah, a small problem is the start date – its not till the 21st of November I think. Oh well … more time to look for a job I suppose.

I managed to hijack a lift into Geneva in the afternoon from my landlord.

I like Geneva – ive been here a few times before but I have noticed a change – it seems a lot rougher than it did to me in the past and I have been hearing words to that effect. But who the fuck cares – its just like everywhere else in the world I suppose. I did a bit of food shopping in LIDL of all places. AH the comfort of LIDLs eh – all over Europe no matter where you go. Then I went for a walk around the market which was quite quiet due to the inclement weather I think. They just sell fucking tat there but I was quite surprised that I seen a few very attractive female model types shuffling amongst all the second/third hand garments … I couldnt help think that whatever old tatty shit they bought it would look amazing on them.

Anyway, I was given address by my landlord of a person they were visiting later – If I felt like popping in I should he said … so I did. I found the block and was welcomed very warmly into the apartment – My landlord was there with an old woman and a slightly older couple. Tea and cakes were served and the conversation was held completely in English – Im not sure if that was for my benefit or not. But it was ok despite the age gaps between us all – they were jabbering on about politics and were very interested in my opinion. Personally I dont have politics – whats the point in worrying about things I cant change – but I didnt let them know that – OH NO! I switched back into my politicised self of 8 years ago and when they asked about Scotland wanting independence i let them know what a crock of shit that would be!

Anyway … the chat was interesting and I felt ok. But I started to get a bit of a sore head with all the doom and gloom of the world so I was quite happy to be offered a lift back. Back to France … the frontallier that I am!

All I had to eat was a small salad, a cooked chicken led and a couple of ryvita.

I went to my room and somehow ended up facetiming my mother. God its always good to see the old bat. I am forever aware that when the chips are down and I come up with a losing hand SHE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS EVER STOOD BY ME. I really need to write her a letter … like I have done quite a few times in the past.

For some reason as I lounged around later in my room my thoughts turned to relationships. Perhaps Love is not a dead part of me after all. Then I stupidly began languidly dreaming about the female possibilities … and japanese women came into my head – that would be an interesting experience. My last love was Polish … perhaps I am getting a taste for the more exotic.

And then again reality hit and I cursed myself at what utter shit I think about.

Get a fucking grip boy.


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