Day 10 & 11 – Social Exclusion, Skinhead, Hats and a Cat

So here we are – Day 10 and 11 already.

I was a little bit late getting back last night so I didnt bother blogging anything so here i am with a catch up.

Had a bit of a strange one yesterday.

I managed to get a bus into Geneva yesterday – which is a bit of a surprise as apparently the buses are shit from where I am currently residing. Anyway, the plan was just to have a walk around and eventually end up at my landlords friends house where he would be and get a lift back.Im not going to do a travelogue type report here as Ive been to Geneva quite a few times as a tourist. But I aint a tourist anymore I suppose. One thing that struck me as i wandered around aimlessly was that everyone I saw seemed better than me. Wow! What do I mean by that? I dont really know. I think I may think that no matter where I was in the world at the moment. Everybody seemed to going places, perhaps a meeting the way they were dressed or perhaps a date for the same reason. Lots of smartly dressed go getters. Its funny but when you walk around the centre of London or Glasgow, pretty much seven out of ten people look like a bag of shit. Not here, oh no! And heres another thing – a lot of the restaurants (and there seem to be a LOT) looked packed when I glanced in on them. And they are pretty expensive … on an average Tuesday night too … where do these people get the money? So all in all my wee walk about kind of increased my isolation. As it got later in the evening I realised I was quite lost and that very rarely happens to me – my head must of been far far away instead of keeping tabs on my location. I ended up having to walk blindly using a shitty little map and asking almost everybody I passed to give me directions. Luckily a few of them spoke and understood English and managed to get me back on the right track. However they were a few people who just plain fucking ignored me … was it my limited french … or was it the fact that they could somehow detect who I am???? The tortured soul … The wretched replicant.

Ha Ha! I didnt give a hoot to tell you the truth.

But if truth be told … On occasion in the past various people have told me that their first impression of me is that I am menacing. That I am difficult to fathom. You have no idea how much that shocked me.

The internals of me are designed to just want people to be happy, like eachother and HEY! lets all be friends yet NEVER encroach one anothers boundaries unless we have unequivocally stated that thats what we want!

But my externals are this … although only five foot eight in height I have extremely stocky shoulders and look as if I could punch far more than my own weight. I have always been a skinhead – for no political reason though – its just so easy to have my head like that and I love the music … I havent paid for a haircut in 15 years. I have however gone through at least 15 sets of Home Clippers. Ive got a couple of visible tattoos but then again who the hell doesnt these days. And finally, perhaps the deciding factor, is my face in its natural set – apparently its a scowl. Its not like that all the time though! I have been told that I have an amazing smile and piercing eyes ( but thats gotta be bullshit ). But in its natural set its anger that my face displays … or perhaps not quite anger but its pretty close to it.

Ho Hum.

I think I might buy a hat or cap at least … something to mask the skinhead … I like hats … Sometimes they suit people right down to the ground. Or sometimes they just make the person look like a dick.

Which will I be?

Day 11, which is today, which is Wednesday was a blank.

Just that.

A blank.

I made a new friend though … he doesnt care about the way I look.

IMG 5098

No! … He knew I was a good man.

Tomorrow I need to get this language course sorted.



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