So it’s 3.30am and I just can’t sleep so I’m blogging this from my iPhone.

I ended up listening to the latest Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Podcast. I’ve been listening to these podcasts for just over a year now …. I came across them when I was working in the back of beyond in Wales. They’re great … I’d recommend them to anyone interested in change. Jason mewes is a recovering drug addict and the podcast was began in order to give him something to chart his recovery. He tells some horrific stories – tragic really. But hilarious too.

Anyway … Check them all out – probably a good idea if they are listened to in sequence from the very start – there’s over 50 of them so far though!

What now – I’m still wide awake!??

Might listen to an unlistened Collins & Herring podcast now … I’m really hitting up iTunes for free shit. Thank god – it helps with the loneliness.


2 comments on “3.30am

  1. I feel your pain tonight. I’m just not feeling the whole sleeping thing, and I’ve got a craving to write and write and write! And apparently rhyme.

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