Jesus what would I do for some Zopiclone right now!

When was the last time I slept at a normal hour?

I can’t even remember!

The thing is its the loneliest feeling at the loneliest time … And when your head is unoccupied you start to ponder all manner of trash. The kind of trash that when you do eventually fall asleep haunts your dreams and when you wake … I dunno … It’s like you’ve been on an emotional rack.

This is some kind of spin cycle for the soul.

I need some kind of distraction … Maybe some kind of Internet chat room or at least someone to communicate with …. Is there some kind of insomnia forum that supports such a thing?

Even considering starting a Second Life account … But I just can’t get into that kinda thing.


I must stop these rantings!


4 comments on “2.12am

  1. My insomnia is caused by addiction to that dark muck of a tea cup

    But we have holidays here so sleeping at two getting up at twelve is not a great problem =P

    All the same, sometimes I wanna pop in a pill when the brain doesn’t stop speaking,

    Still, what the hell =P

  2. Thank you for checking out With love, insomnia. Did you try the sleep meditation/hypnosis videos? If so I hope they helped a little, even just to clear your mind. Keep checking my page for more sleep advice to come. Wl,i xo

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