Damn it!

My trusty MacBook which I have had for around 8 years has started to turn its fans on a hell of a lot 😦

I think its on it’s way out.

Damn it … When it goes what am I going to do? There’s no way I can afford a new MacBook until … Um … Until, well EVER! Shit.

And as I write this I also realise that it’s more than 14months since I last laid eyes on my ex – Shit that’s harsh. Have you ever thought that your soul would be entwined with another’s for the rest of time.? Yeah? You need to take a check on your head there then.

I really gotta get round to blogging those episodes down sometime. I’m not sure it’d be cathartic though – it’s still a big ball of pain spinning around somewhere in me. It’s almost physical thing!

Oh yeah … Definitely gonna have a big red spot on the end of my nose – I can even feel it grow as I lie here in the dark.

Life Eh?!


3 comments on “Damn it!

    • I may just well do them but Im not sure … it still seems like it would cause a lot more pain – I still have my written journal from that time – maybe I should just post a scan of its pages! But in saying that, perhaps it might be good to blog about it just to see how my thoughts have changed over it. Im cursed with a terrific memory and it may lead to my downfall.

      I like the idea of psychological disembowelment though!

      • Well.. do it when its like.. extreme.. still its a dangerous thing to let your emotions just.. you.. know.. run wild.. You never know if people out there are worth it or not..

        Well, I just gave two separate statements, all the same Its good to do what yer heart says.. the good or the bad can suck wherever they want…

        Aye =D

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