Bloggers Guilt – So here is A Sorry Looking Camel & The Way

I am actually sitting here feeling a wee bit guilty that I havent at least recorded some of the events that have occurred over the last few days … so I shall endeavour to pull myself away from the ever interesting French Radio and the incredibly interesting French Textbooks that surround me and blog for you (meaning me obviously).

So some recent occurrences …

I committed and paid for my French Course … It starts on Monday. I am kinda excited about it and Im kinda scared about it … its going to be complete immersion. But then again – I am already experiencing complete immersion at the moment. Although the streets of Geneva seem to ring with American accents speaking english without any guilt or effort to acclimatise.

Near my rented apartment a circus turned up. It was a sorry looking affair. It seemed to me that it was only a man and his wife setting up the big top. I joked with my landlord that maybe I should go over and ask them for a job and then run away with them. I was only half joking.

IMG 5110

Their camel looked as much out of place as I feel.

I have had many more jaunts into Geneva and am getting a little bit more confident driving over here. The thing is though, everytime I drive I feel the french drivers can see Im in a UK car and they treat me like the piece of shit they think I am. No quarter is given to foreign drivers over here.

In fact I am pretty sure they try to bait you into awkward situations.


I have also began to make some rather silly itunes purchases … a couple of these have been for the simple reason that I want to watch something in ENGLISH! – is that such a crime!!!! But these have quite ill informed spur of the moment purchases.

For example, Last night I downloaded “The Way” which is a film with one of the Esteves.



Im not going to go indepth about it – it was ok but the only reason I purchased it was that I kinda would like to walk the Jacques de Compestela … or whatever its called.

Oh … and I have just purchased the iPhone version of Minecraft which I will probably never play.


Go on … conjure me some meaning out of that!




4 comments on “Bloggers Guilt – So here is A Sorry Looking Camel & The Way

  1. Thanks for “Like”ing my post At a Fork in the Road, Can I take both?. I can see by your recent blog that you also have occasional challenges in finding a topic to blog about, and just plain maintaining your blogging “presence”. See your resolve will help me with mine,

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