Exactly One Year Ago At This Point In Time

Exactly one year ago today … in fact pretty much to the minute … I was driving back from Merthyr Tydfil cinema after watching the Jackass 3D movie.

I had taken two women that I was working with at the time who had wanted to go.

One of them was a Lesbian and the other I think may have been possibly interested in me in some kind of manner. The foolish girl!

It was a hellish time and I was reeling from life in general and had only planned the cinema jaunt as an attempt at some sort of normality. We had all been working in deepest darkest Wales for the last few months and had cabin fever I suppose.

As I came out of the cinema and switched my phone back on I immediately received a call from my mother she was in a bad state … she told me that my Uncle had died very suddenly a few hours beforehand and she had been trying to phone for ages.

I was knocked even further out of touch.

I drove the girls back.

One offered to come round and stay with me to talk.

I rejected her.

I just wanted to stew on my own.

Its been pretty much that way ever since.


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