If I Were a Flavor

Beef Bourguignon (our version) – simmering

This is the sort of question where people rack their brains in order to come up with some flavour that is mouthwatering or satisfying … something like Rum and Raisin Ice Cream or Margarita … in order to convey that their personalities and, in turn, their lives are wonderful and fulfilling.

But not me. Not partanimalpartmachine!

No, I shall attempt to be honest.

This is what I feel my flavour is …

You know when you are making your own stock for good scotch broth … with the vegetables and the side of beef and its been simmering for 4 – 5 hours and then you strain it … well thats my flavour … home made unseasoned beef stock.

Not very exotic I know … but then neither am I. Its an honest to goodness flavour. A distinct flavour that although at the time resembles the tase of dirty dish water, you know that it can be developed into something rich and rewarding with the correct attention to detail.

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