Day 19 – Bleurgh!

Today was just bleurgh!

A shapeless presence without any form or structure for me to build a blog around … so I shall state some matters of fact that have been duly noted –

My landlord had asked me to be in my apartment at 10am for a parcel to be delivered – I needed to sign for it – It may be slightly dodgy … if not, why the hell not get it sent to his own address? I dont know – but I waited dutifully until 3pm which is 5 hours later than expected.

Such is life.

Whenever I try to use the French I have learnt so far – the other person I speak to NEVER understands me.

Such is life.

I am drinking far too much water. I do this for a reason. It is to stave off hunger. As my funds are frozen my food intake needs to dramatically reduce. Drinking lots of water helps … I am losing weight – that is a positive … but I am needing to piss a hell of a lot. Last night I couldnt be bothered going down to the shared toilet over and over again. I relieved myself into my 1 Litre Sigg water bottle which was more complicated than I thought due to the shape and size of its mouth. I managed to fill it up in one go. I caught a sight of myself pissing into the bottle in the full length mirror. My thought was – Now THAT aint a good look.

Such is life.

I learned about the subjunctive and past subjunctive of the French language and I made some soup too.

Such is life.

Today was just bleurgh!


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