Day 20 – The Runs & Extras

A quick little post from my iPhone.

Today was slow again – I seem to have been struck down with a case of the runs – more commonly known as the shits. Not very pleasant at all – especially when your living in an apartment block with a shared toilet.

Ho Hum.

I did a shitload of French testing on myself today. I have competed the foundation, beginners and advanced courses of Michel Thomas Method and it looks like I have finally managed to retain the knowledge – even the bits that I just couldn’t understand before!

I arranged to see a kind soul who is going to help translate my cv and give me a little bit of advice about job hunting – that’s this coming Thursday – just need to write my cv now! Oh yeah …. I finally received the reprint of my city and guilds professional chef certificate – but there is shitloads of mistakes and omissions on it!

I have just ended up purchasing and watching an episode of the uk tv show Extras. I enjoyed watching it. So much so that I’ve just purchased the last two Curb Your Enthusiasms of the latest series.

Wtf! Someone stop me spending money please!

Tomorrow I may venture out and do some hiking.


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