Day 22 – Les Autres Gens et Moi

That means “Other people and me”

Im gonna keep this post pretty much straight down the line because I have been rambling philosophically lately and I dont want to alienate any readers.

So keep to the practicalities …

Well I suppose the main item on the agenda today is the start of my French course. I drove to the border and got the bus into the heart of Geneva as per usual. I noticed that I had used the last journey on my travel card so I had to make sure that I had 3 Swiss Francs for the journey back after class. That meant me having to buy something to break the rather large 100 Swiss Franc note that has been crying out to be broken since I arrived here.

In the spirit of learning French I decided to get my hands on a French Graphic novel in the hope that the visuals will help me along. So I popped into Payot which seems to be a large chain book seller here in Europe. I looke around to see what they had and I found the perfect thing – its called “Other People” and its kinda written like a soap opera but each episode is written/illustrated by a different person.

Anyway – im such a dufus! – I went to the checkout and handed over the book – The guy behind the till asked me a question … my mind wracked itself with trying to work out what he asked – I suddenly said Yes about a nanosecond before I realised he said “un cadeau” – a present! Damn it !So he bagan to wrap it up nice and neat. Heres what I ended up with –

IMG 5121

The actual book –

IMG 5122

An example of what I mean –

IMG 5123

Then I made my way to the class.

A round up? – There was seven students and 5 of them had all been on the beginners course together. It was only me & a Greek guy who were new. I chatted with a very pleasant American Girl before the class started. She told me the teacher is excellent and that she had been in Geneva for a year (Her husband is doing studies at the CERN lab). There was a young Brazilian girl, A pakistani guy, a very tall eastern european girl, possibly a british girl and me. It was ok – the teacher is really good – typical french woman. I didnt make an ass of myself and held my own but I was pretty lost – I understand the grammar but I just dont have any Vocabulary yet and my comprehension is slow.

Oh yeah – all the usual class introductions had to be made – who I was, what I was, how old, am I married, do I have kids, blah blah blah … you know – ALL THE SHIT THAT I CANT BE ARSED EXPLAINING. But I got through it without telling too much lies.

Well I had to make myself look a little bit normal … The replicant must remain incognito.

Tomorrow I have promised my landlord that I would drive him up to almost near Paris so he can pick something up.

Hmmm …. Go Figure.

Its 10hrs driving – 5 there and 5 back. Hes gonna pay me . Dont judge me … its probably not dodgy anyway. Im not asking too many questions as I need the money too much.


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