Day 23 – Tuesday at a Grave in Saint Dizier

So Im writing up day 23 late as I was knackered and quite busy the last few days.

Anyway, I woke up on Tuesday morning at 6am in order to ready myself for the long drive to Saint Dizier. I didnt feel too shabby either – seems like my body has yet to forget what it was like in my previous life – waking up at 5am for work for weeks on end!

The landlord was bang on time to be picked up at 7am too so it was looking like all was going to go to plan.

However … I thought too soon. The landlord was going to fill my car with petrol but the filling station he insisted on going to wasnt open so I ended up having to drive into the centre of Geneva in the morning rush. I just closed my mind off and followed the exact commands of my sat nav. I made it out surprisingly easily.

The long drive was ok too – apart from the fog that doesnt seem to lift until about 9.30am – it was awful.

During the 5hr drive I had to stop for a piss and was met with the following …

IMG 5124

Yip! What the french call a Turkish Toilet … luckily I only needed to urinate.

We got to Saint Dizier just before 1pm and the reason for the landlord needing to go there finally revealed itself.

He wanted to visit his parents in law grave. Seemingly in France graves are only ‘owned’ by a family for a certain amount of time. Once that time is up and the family dont (or cant) pay to keep it – well what can I say. It gets dug up and all the headstones and granite objects get sold. Its criminal. God alone knows what they do with the coffin and remains. I didnt want to question my landlord further … he was in quite an emotional state.

So there we were. And the idea was to take as much of the various plaques, crosses & stones as we could in the back of my car.

The drive back began to get very tedious. Then when the fog descended again at about 6pm it started to get very dangerous.

But we made it safe and sound.

The landlord filled my car with petrol and paid me 70 swiss francs.

I was very thankful … both for the money ( I am broke ) and the company ( I am lonely ).


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