Day 24 – Morning Funk & Hot For Teacher

Day 24 is going to take a little bit longer to catch up with!

I woke up in a terrible funk. I had had a TERRIBLE dream. I dont really want to go into too much detail as when I think of it its imagery is still very clear in my mind. Basically it involved my mother falling from a huge height and I was fascinated to look down on her falling and it seemed to me that she had accepted her fate while it was happening. Absolutely horrific.

Anyway … the funk I was in didnt lift all day … I studied French until it was time make my way into Geneva.

My French class wasnt starting till later in the evening but I went early as it would give me a chance to pick up a monthly travel card. Heres the deal – the fares for Geneva Public Transport are going up very soon and I really need to use their trams and buses. So for the 70 swiss francs I earned yesterday buys me a card to travel on ALL trams, buses & boats within Geneva at any time to any place. It really is a shit hot deal. I thought it was going to be a bit of pain in the arse to get one … but no … it was super efficient in the travel office. I didnt even need the awful passport photo I had brought with me – they took an even worse photo of me there and then!

IMG 5129

So I got to my class in reasonably good spirits.

I sat there speaking to a few of the other students and the teacher walked in and I couldnt help but notice something … Shit! She is HOT! … why didnt I notice that before? Perhaps it was the jeans she was wearing … very chic, very intelligent and very french. That translates as being WAY out of my league. But I have surprised myself in the past.

No! Get a grip boy.


There was a latecomer to the class … a bloke from london … I chatted to him briefly.

My opening gambit was “Im Scottish ….”

He asked me immediately “What bank are you here with? …”

My instant reaction was to say “Do I look like I work in a fucking bank!???” … but I dindnt … I just kind of mumbled a reply.

What a tosser.

Hes been here a year too … I find that disgusting … a whole year in a country and not trying to learn the language. Then again that shows my stupidity – Im pretty sure that that bank of his would have been working him flat out – he probably hasnt had time.

Still … What a Tosser!


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