Day 25 – Better Living Through Blogging?

So its day 25 and im actually updating on time this time!

I awoke from my sleep early, well, if 7.45am can be called early.

The reason for this was that I had arranged to meet up with a friend of my landlords who used to be a teacher here in France … I desperately need someone to assist me in translating my cv into something coherent.

The meeting was arranged for 10 am so that gave me a bit of time to get my shit together … the thing is, when I spent that time thinking about all the jobs ive had, all the places I have been and all the people that have been in my life I felt a little sad.

Well perhaps sad isnt the right word.

Fucked off would be closer to the mark.

Anyway … I scrambled together a few passages in English and drove my ass through to the town where I was to meet him.

I looked at my watch while driving and thought im going to be so early that I will have to walk around for ages. WRONG! I couldnt find a parking place anywhere. I just had to drive round and round a car park for 30 mins until a space became available.

I just made it on time – I HATE BEING LATE! – so I was thankful for at least something. It was an interesting meeting. He was an interesting and very helpful bloke. He told me, as many others have done, that I gotta try for a job in Geneva rather in France. He said that the local economic situation is almost akin to the difference to Mexico and the USA! The pay for shitty jobs in Switzerland can be 4 times better than France. He says he has seen basic Swiss hospital porters live like French factory managers.

Go Figure!

So I left him with the stuff and he is going to try and translate it for the weekend.

I got back to my apartment and messed around with my blog, my french and my shit.

I got nothing done … but I didnt seem to notice my loneliness so much when I was writing.

Hmmm … Better Living Through Blogging.

Fancy that.


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