Some silly purchases …

What is it with me at the moment …  you would think I wouldnt be spending money on iTunes when my life is falling apart around my ears would ya?

Well surprise surprise!

The thing is though, Im kinda feeling intellectually starved at the moment.

All I read are french texts. So ive just bought this Audiobook –


And this for the iBooks on my iPhone …

Imgres 1

Ive never read Arthur C Clarke before … and I kinda wanna take a wide berth of all the terribly heavy stuff that I normally indulge myself in.

And now all I need to stop doing is staring at MacBookPros on the apple website.

What a fucking dreamer/loser I am.


3 comments on “Some silly purchases …

  1. How are you finding the books? Are they distracting enought that you might actually get a crook in the corner of your mouth (not an actual smile but a slight turn in the corner)
    Waking up to the bleak everyday, it’s hard. It seems like your body getting out of bed is just that little bit too much for effort. My friends divide mine into Black, grey and blue days. Obviously some are sunny, But lately the best I can manage is Blue.
    France is hard too, it is a spurned lover that continually shouts in your face that you are not welcome. No matter how you study french! Sometimes you get a bone thrown at your feet and are told to be thankful. (Pathetically I am!)
    I haven’t seen the end to that part myself, just remember that you aren’t alone. You may not have someone to see everyday, but I do check on your blog as much as I can.

  2. Wow.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Yes the books are for distraction – very astute of you to notice.

    Over the last couple of years I have been feverishly reading all the novels that one is ‘supposed’ ro read … Kafka, Camus, etc., etc, and yes some of it is great … BUT … at this point in time I need some escapism or some educated debate – certainly not characters who cant decide wether to kill themselves or make a cup of coffee!

    As Morrissey once sang … ‘its too close to home and its too near the bone.’

    As for the morning meanies? At least its not 24hr meanies … I certainly wouldnt be able to read, write, learn, exist if they were.

    France and French? … they remain utterly unimpressed by my efforts but I will persevere on account of not really having any other choice.

    And finally you, strange internet existing presence … your comment has turned the shades of black almost up to grey … perhaps with even a hint of blue there too.

    Foolish of me I know.

    Mais, C’est la vie.

    Best Regards x

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