Day 31 … thats a month really isn’t it?

In fact exactly one month ago today I was just arriving here.

I could look at it two ways – negatively i.e. I have not achieved anything … or positively i.e. im in a new country, I have broken free, im learning a new language, I have accommodation, I am au fait with the Swiss/French thing etc etc.

Im going to try my very best to look at the positives this evening … so yeah, im still alive, and im breathing.


My money is running out, I have no job, no friends, etc, etc … but what did I expect?

Stop writing these things! It’ll bring me down.



My thoughts are on this whole learning French business at the moment.

Yeah, I had another class tonight (and yeah, before you ask – the teacher looked even more attractive than before … CONTROL! CONTROL & POSITIVITY PLEASE!) It was a tough one tonight. I just wish my comprehension would speed up. I can sit there listening to a French native speak and understand every individual word they say – but it still takes me 4 to 5 mins to work out what those words mean together!

Apparently for some people it just clicks into place. One day they wake up and simply understand.

Please please please let me get that. Let me have it soon too though eh?

I only watched The Bridge last night. Its a piece of film that will make you think. Juliette Lewis is quoted as once saying “The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die” … Well I dunno … for those people to make that step over that edge – That takes guts … How sure do they have to be?

I don’t really want to ponder it this evening for obvious reasons so I shall move on.

Anyway – Its a great documentary.

Its been a month and I have almost blogged 50 times in that month.

That kinda proves that I need this outlet don’t you think …Anyway.

Forever Onwards.


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