The Shite I Write 4


4 comments on “The Shite I Write 4

      • Ah ok. I’m not a fan of Moleskines. I bought one in Paris this summer but I don’t like to write in it and I don’t succeed to fill it lol. Lines r too small and I don’t like the color of the cover (red). I have another journal which I love it’s a A5 Cartesio with I got on the website thejournalshop it’s very beautiful.

        I like your idea of scanning pages of your journal!

      • Hi there Orel, sorry for late reply … Yeah I have seen those journals you mention and they are pretty lush! As for the scanning – yeah, I just use my iphone and an application called JotNot Pro – really simple to do with the added bonus of directly loading up to wordpress from the iphone too! As for the mad drawings and scribbles – most of them are done with absolutely no prearation or thought – I just put the pencil in my hand and go … very messy but very real – I may well regret doing it in the future though! All the best.

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