Days 33 & 34 – Internet Has Been Down

… But its working again now!


I can now continue on my endeavours into the deepest depths of soul crushing procrastination!

Hmmm … Lots of blogs to read, news to catch up on, websites to dick around on and OH! … I can waste more of my ever dwindling cash on entertainment.

As for whats been happening with me … um … I did a good thing yesterday.

Well I think it was a good thing at least … I paid 3month rent in advance.

My thought process behind this was simple – it guarantees me with a roof over my head for a period.

It has its down side certainly – if all other variable integers stay the same then I will be eating imaginary Turkey with all the solid air trimmings alone for christmas this year! Yup! … and I will be completely without funds by the second week in January.

I am imposing even stricter austerity measures on my being at this very minute … so stick around … Lean Times ahead … this shit is gonna get interesting!

Still … I will have a place to sleep though … and thats much more than what a shocking percentage of some of the human race has.

Have you seen the statistics?

We gotta redistribute some of our shit man … and until then we gotta stop the mindless reproducing ….

I have no worries with either of those.

Ever the martyr.

Anyway, I had a very very strange experience on Friday … I somehow managed to end up attending a pantomime.


It freaked me out in many ways.

I think there are times in life when a person can be receptive to that kinda thing, and there are times in life when when it can be quite possibly the very last thing on earth that they should have subjected themselves to.

Have a guess which side of that fence I found myself on!

Ho Hum.

At least I have internet again.



One comment on “Days 33 & 34 – Internet Has Been Down

  1. Ask me, with no internet except the few minutes we get once or twice in the college.

    I can’t wait ter shift ter the main hostel for some net connection
    And I have no idea what is the world leading to. That’s kinda exciting for me. Living on my own SO cut off from the world I used ter dig.

    Nice thought collection =P
    Haphazard is the cool way ! =P

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