Chicken Jalfrezi for the Soul

Wow … Im still feeling the scorch of those blisteringly awful and honest scrawls from my moleskine that I have just published … Here is a man who stood up ( to not giving a fuck )

I shall send a prize to anyone who can pick out the movie reference there … honest guv! … I will!

Anyway, yeah, so the other day I was pretty much squirming around inside myself (as those scrawlings demonstrate) and I kinda began to think that it may have something to do with me being on an almost steady diet of nothing for a LONG time.

I suddenly found myself in a butchers buying half a chicken and then a deli buying all the other shizz I needed for one of my favourite dishes – Chicken Jalfrezi (I was shown how to do it while temping as a chef in an Indian Restaurant near Swindon, UK)

IMG 5174

It took about 2.5hrs to simmer down so it was a long wait but I watched it pretty much constantly ( watching food cook is a hypnotising process for me ).

Jesus it was good to have my own food again.

I had it with salad as I didnt really want to spend any more on starches like rice and potatoes.

It lasted me two days but I blasted the food budget for almost two weeks on it.

Shoot me down if you want … but I damn well needed it.



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