One for the lovers, the loved and the carefree,

So I was out roaming aimlessly around yesterday and I managed to pick up a pretty strong free wifi signal. Obviously this pleased me no end and I immediately sat down on a bench outside the art museum and wrote a blog post – it took at least ten minutes – and then by mistake deleted it. I was a little bit peeved at that.

Anyway – heres what I kinda wrote …

Its a big weekend in Geneva. Its something called L’escalade and its a celebration of, and I REALLY generalise here, when a woman protected Geneva by throwing a pot of hot vegetable soup out of her window onto the invaders below … Hmmm – Go Figure. Its a tradition to have replicas of the pot made from chocolate and filled with marzipan vegtables and blah, blah, blah.

Theres also lots of processions and parades and re-enactments and blah, blah, blah.

IMG 5183

Really great stuff in fact … if thats what float your boat. Dont get me wrong I am normally very interested in history, culture etc … but lately it is only my future that is concerning me. Sorry to be such a misery guts.

IMG 5194

But hey! … as you can see its a great time for all you families out there …. all you lovers out there … all you humans with purpose out there.

Yeah great time for all of those kinds.

IMG 5192

Even catching a wee sight of Genevas famous water fountain from the lake there … you see it?

Yeah … great day for you lot.

Needless to say … it made me ponder a lot.

My mind just couldnt seem to find any solace … no, not solace even – it just couldnt register anything.


I lifted my head from my ponderous stroll and was given the answer by sheer fortitude herself …

IMG 5199

Yip … there it was.

On the back of a signpost near the bustop I had to use.

Silly eh.

But … It touched me very deeply.

I mean … it was even written in english.



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