Day 59 – in which I play the hero ….


And I mean wow!

I have finally managed to gain internet access after a 16 day forced sabbatical.

It turns out that the wifi router in my building wasn’t configured properly – I found this out quite easily after BEGGING my landlord for the opportunity to look at it myself. I was tired of being told that an “expert” had been called out and apparently his prognosis of the problem was so dire that he recommended a new internet provider would be needed.


It took a hair-raising moment on a dodgy ladder climb up to the roof-space and perhaps a 10 minute fiddle about with the actual router to get it working.

It attracted a fair bit of attention as I climbed down as ALL the residents were looking across – no doubt they were as internet desperate as I. When the lights flickered correctly on the router, there was a 10 second delay and I am sure I heard the cheers of a few residents when their connections came on.


Me the hero for once.

Not one of them hung around to thank me though.

Thanks fellow humans.

Anyway … I gotta a few posts to put up and a few comments to reply to, they aint gonna be in any tight chronological order though but what ya expect! … Onwards!


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